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H – Drainage and waste disposal

The Approved DocumentsApproved documents (England) are detailed publications which come under the English Building Regulations. They are based on tried and tested methods of building and if you follow them you are assured of complying with the Regs. The equivalents for Scotland are the Technical Handbook, for Wales: the Approved documents (Wales), and for N.I. […]


PassivhausSee more on the Passivhaus standard. The PassivHaus Institute has pioneered a standard for low energy buildings. It includes very low energy usage and ways of achieving this. The word is derived from the idea of buildings which are fundamentally low energy and passive solar heated rather than using extra gadgets to heat them. […]

Waste Recycling

the WEEE man

household waste

How exactly should household waste be dealt with? Including shit!

The Building RegulationsThese are the mass of regulations that cover safety, health, welfare, convenience, energy efficiency etc. in the way buildings are constructed. Not to be confused with Planning consent (which is more to do with whether you can […]

Waste Water Plumbing

Waste water plumbing has traditionally been a fairly simple process using solvent-weld or push-fit PVC pipes and fittings. Due to the problems of PVC as a material it is worth considering using polypropylene (PP) as an alternative. (See the page on PVC). It is now becoming more readily available. It is more easily recycled and […]