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Steel Farm Passivhaus, Northumberland

The following text and images were provided by the architect, Mark Siddall.

A reinterpretation of the traditional Northumberland farmstead. Materials and form are in harmony with the region. Windows are proportioned and positioned to act as the eyes to the world, playfully revealing views and vistas at critical moments. This nuanced design, constructed using […]

Insulation and wall thickness

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There is a peculiar and not instantly obvious relationship between wall insulation, population density and planning regulations and it may have a bearing on the type of wall construction you choose.

With increasing levels of insulation, the total thickness of a wall becomes an issue in relation to […]

Structural principles

The Building Regulations

The Building RegulationsThese are the mass of regulations that cover safety, health, welfare, convenience, energy efficiency etc. in the way buildings are constructed. Not to be confused with Planning consent (which is more to do with whether you can put up the building in the first place). See more on the regulations […]

Passivhaus at Denby Dale

the front of the house with double storey[for the purposes of part B (fire) of the Approved Documents to the Building Regulations] this includes – (a) any gallery[for the purposes of part B of the Approved Documents] – A raised area or platform around the sides or at the back of a room which […]

Wall construction

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Well there are several angles on that. Some of the most important aspects of walls are their insulation values, their air-tightnessA measure of how leaky […]


New buildings

As a building material, locally sourced (or possibly newly quarried), reclaimed stone may be a viable option but suffers from the drawback that stone itself has virtually no insulating value.

This can obviously be overcome by including sufficient insulation within the rest of the wall construction but it does tend to lead […]