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UK self build context

AlmereAlmere is an area of new self build near Amsterdam where people have been given a great deal of freedom concerning the design of houses has over 700 plots including 3000 houses and flats

There is a rapidly growing interest in self build in the UK, but what is self build?

Well it tends […]



In general, funding selfbuild projects has become much easier over the last fifteen years or so. Financial institutions have tailored their products to help with self build especially around making stage payments as the building progresses. This includes buying the land in the first place.

However, of course the present little glitch in the […]


The ECB’s flagship headquarters at Silsden

Where self build mortgages differ from normal mortgages is that the mortgage can be supplied in stage payments to coincide with the completion of parts of the project. This allows the self builder to have ongoing finance while giving the lender some protection in case of failure of […]