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PVC is a difficult subject because the criticisms have come from several distinct directions

those who find the chemistry of producing PVC dangerous. GreenPeace has campaigned long and hard on this issue for two reasons – PVC is oil based and therefore dangerous for several reasons it involves shipping oil around the world and this […]

Embodied Energy

The embodied energy in a house is the total energy required to build it. That includes the extraction, mining etc. of the raw materials, processing and manufacturing them and transporting them to the site and assembling them.

The embodied energy of materials can vary enormously depending on how you measure it, where it is located […]

Waste Water Plumbing

Waste water plumbing has traditionally been a fairly simple process using solvent-weld or push-fit PVC pipes and fittings. Due to the problems of PVC as a material it is worth considering using polypropylene (PP) as an alternative. (See the page on PVC). It is now becoming more readily available. It is more easily recycled and […]