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Heating controls

Providing good heating controls can be a vexed question as the publication “Controls for End Users: A guide for good design and implementation” makes clear. It points out, for instance, how “many control systems in buildings are nowhere near the functionality of a typical car dashboard”. It is free online and well worth viewing if […]

Emitters (radiators etc.)

Central heating

Emitters tend to be of two types – traditional radiators and underfloor heating. It’s a bit of a toss-up as to which is better. They have their respective advantages and drawbacks.


a pleasanter heat because it is better distributed no wall space taken up by radiators possibly more efficient because of lower […]

Gas Plumbing

Gas plumbing comes in two parts: the incoming supply up to the meter and then the pipework and fittings within the house. Normally the procedure is that you purchase a meter box from the gas supply company and fit it externally on the house in a position where the meter can be easily read. The […]