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Space heating

see also Emitters (radiators etc.) Gas boilers Heating controls

It is reckoned that in the UK, housing is responsible for about 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Poor heating can render parts of dwellings virtually unusable, partly through discomfort due to cold and drafts and partly through the damage caused to contents through condensation, dampness, mould […]


January ’13

Advantages of timber

Constructing with FSCForest Stewardship Council (who accredit timber) see their database timber (or another accreditation organisation such as PEFCProgramme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification. See their web site) is potentially one of the greenest ways of building for several reasons.

Timber itself captures and locks up CO² as […]

Solid timber

Brettstapel construction

Solid timber construction or Brettstapel is a method of using massive solid timber, (usually) held together with hardwood pegs. Pioneered on the continent, it has a number of enthusiasts in Scotland. See also the Brettstapel web site.

Log construction

Solid log construction has been a traditional method in parts of northern Europe, especially […]