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F – Ventilation

Section 1: Introduction What is an Approved Document?

This is an extract from Approved Document F. It has been edited to make it more relevant to house building. If in doubt, view the original document on the government web site.

1.1 This document has been approved by the Secretary of State to provide practical […]

Timber frame


‘Timber frame’ can have several meanings:

Platform frame where walls are assembled on site into storey[for the purposes of part B (fire) of the Approved Documents to the Building Regulations] this includes – (a) any gallery[for the purposes of part B of the Approved Documents] – A raised area or platform around the […]

Air tightness

‘Build tight – ventilate right’

Building Regulations

The subject of ventilation is fully incorporated into the Building RegulationsThese are the mass of regulations that cover safety, health, welfare, convenience, energy efficiency etc. in the way buildings are constructed. Not to be confused with Planning consent (which is more to do with whether you can put […]