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Ground works

The Building RegulationsThese are the mass of regulations that cover safety, health, welfare, convenience, energy efficiency etc. in the way buildings are constructed. Not to be confused with Planning consent (which is more to do with whether you can put up the building in the first place). See more on the regulations cover aspects of […]

Patrick and Fiona’s house

Existing houses present a much greater challenge than new ones in terms of energy saving. However in terms of reusing building materials they often provide better opportunities.

Patrick and Fiona run a very pleasant bed and breakfast near Nelson, Caerphilly and their house has been the subject of much renovation and extension over the […]

Insulating concrete forms

Insulated concrete forms by Logix

There are several systems on the market which allow you to cast concrete using clip together poystyrene forms. The two leafs of insulation are connected together by plastic ties and the units are clipped together and then filled with concrete, usually by pumping, so the whole process is very […]