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There are many possible uses of home automation which can enhance the green rating of a house but probably the most obvious and least used is the ability to turn off heating for periods when the house is not occupied and then turn it on remotely before returning.

See technical blogs such as the Wiring Guide.

While it takes a crystal ball to know how telecoms is going to evolve over the next decades there is a strong likelihood that the ability to easily rewire large parts of a house will be a major advantage. Although wifi has certain temporary advantages, the benefits of optic fibres connecting directly with computers is likely to mark a significant development. Combined with the possibility of being able to rewire other electrical items such as mains, security, aerials etc makes for a powerful argument in favour of installing vertical ducting and skirting ducting wherever possible.

Skirting ducting is not forced to make it look like you are in an office. Various domestic versions are available and it is a simple matter for a joiner to run up timber sections which will create a duct and look quite traditional.

These can easily handle cat5 cable and normal electrical cable such as 2.5mm T&E.


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