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Health and Safety

If you are having construction work done on your own home, (e.g. a self build project) or on the home of a family member, as a domestic client you do not have to notify the work to Health and Safety Executive and you will not have duties under Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 – although those doing the work on your behalf (such as designers or contractors) will.

If it is part of a trade or business then you will need to notify them. See the HSE  website for more info.

Of course you have the normal duties of care which include making sure that the site is properly fenced in and has the appropriate notices displayed. See Site safety / Security

The HSE file  Health and safety in construction covers all aspects of the subject



1 comment to Health and Safety

  • Anne Wildey

    Hello. My husband and I are having a house built for us, a self build. We are using a general builder team of 3 and subcontracting other works such as electrics, plumbing and tilers.

    Do we need to get a health and safety certificate, or do we just check that all workers have their own liability insurance? Also do we have to insist on hard hats, high vis jackets etc. It would be good to know our responsibilities as we don’t want to get fined.

    Your help would be much appreciated.

    Anne Wildey

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