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Technical Handbook – Domestic (Scotland)

Scotland is in the process of reviewing its Building Regulations to reflect its autonomy from England and relate more to local circumstances and climate. Things are changing subtly and quite rapidly.

In Scotland the procedure for obtaining Building Regulation approval is called applying for a building warrant.

No site work can be started until a warrant has been approved (unlike other countries in the UK.) However it is possible to go for a staged warrant. Typically you can first get approval for the groundworks, foundations, drains etc. so that you can get started and then apply for the other stages as you go along. This helps speed things up.

The actual regulations The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 are broad and not very helpful in terms of detail whereas the Procedural Handbook and the practical details in the excellent Domestic Technical Handbook (Table of Contents reproduced below) are more helpful. There is a useful section of generic construction drawings which cover energy conservation in traditional and timber and steel frame buildings called Accredited Construction Details


Technical Handbook – Domestic

Scottish Building Standards 2016 Table of Contents

List of Figures

List of Tables

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