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If you’re in the business of selling goods or services to the building industry and have a product which is a good environmental alternative…

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We are averaging over 14,600 page views a month at present which we can verify via Google Analytics. The vast majority of these visitors come from the UK  (93%). The site is very on target for self build.

There are two main types of adverts:

Sidebar Adverts

The sidebar width is 220 px. and the maximum height is 400 px. (we don’t do skyscrapers). The cost is £2.80 per px. of height.

So for instance the AECB advert you can see is 80 px. high and costs £224.00 p.a. (or £25 per month)

These adverts change position randomly at each page load.

Links within pages

We can also do direct links to pages supplied by the advertiser and of course these cannot suffer from ad blocker software. You can see such a page link if you go to this page, Internal linings. Scroll down till you see “more information on fermacell”  If you click that link  then it takes you to a page on our web site supplied by Fermacell.

This type of link costs £220 p.a.

Other types of advertising may be available.

Contact Selfbuild Central:  Email Selfbuild Central