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Cement / wood wool boards


novolit magnesite / woodwool board

There are various types of cement/wood wool board combinations with Heraklith (which uses a magnesite cement) being one of the better known makes in the UK. Although the cement component is a cause of embodied energy, there are several ‘green’ advantages which count in its favour

  • high timber content
  • no problem with waste disposal (unlike plasterboard)
  • no harmful gases or vapours given off with no toxic fumes if burnt
  • safe to work with

Added to this is a useful set of advantages to the designer

  • a ‘breathing’ material (vapour permeable)
  • dimensionally stable and good in compression
  • resists moisture attack
  • good as a substrate for renders and other finishes
  • good fire qualities
  • good sound absorbing qualities
  • quite good thermal insulation properties

some suppliers are Heraklith and Skanda

3 comments to Cement / wood wool boards

  • mohammad rahme

    Good Day

    pls we a quotation for wood wool celenit nb as specification flow :

    1- Dimensions : 1210 x 60
    2- Thickness : 35
    3- Density : 580Kg / m3
    4- Quantity : 1500 sqm

  • Stanley Leng

    I had used Woodwool-cement boards without any form of painting at all in 2005 and, till today, they are still in excellent condition. Good luck!

  • Gillian

    Can these be painted with breathable paint rather than plastering/rendering them?


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