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Almere, Netherlands


Almere is a new town a little to the east of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s quite interesting in terms of self build and custom build because in the Homeruspark district there are very few restrictions on what people can build. Serviced plots are available at a reasonable cost and then there are a few basic rules such as the maximum number of storeys. This kind of approach is very unusual in Europe and is the kind of thing that would cause cardiac arrests for most local planning officers in the UK.

What do people go for? Well there’s everything from Modernist to traditional Dutch copies, log cabins to err… you name it.


 While the Dutch like their brickwork there are quite a few examples of timber frame and kit houses


 Yes, the one in the middle is a house.


Although this is not strictly speaking eco-housing there are quite high levels of insulation and energy harvesting






shingle clad mansard roof and wall

20141120_160428 20141120_160415




20141120_155254 20141120_155306

Of course many of the houses have waterfronts



Quite a lot of spacious rooftop areas and balconies

20141120_154930 20141120_154922 20141120_154847

 The odd jokey bit


Escher was here


the big building might be an office



Houses in various stages of construction, like this solid wall timber house. See Solid Timber Construction


Novel effect with the white house above. The bedding mortar is left oozing out beneath each course of bricks and then the whole wall is painted.



You can build where you like so some people start out on the edge

P1020655 P1020654



interesting boundary wall. (wallion?)

P1020649 P1020647 P1020646 P1020643 P1020642

yes, well, no compromising here

P1020641 P1020640 P1020637 P1020636

pile it on…





There are occasional references to the traditional tall narrow front elevations which you see in Netherlands cities like Amsterdam but generally there are fewer pitched roofs.Amsterdam

P1020631 P1020630


20141120_155846 20141120_160957 20141120_161418 20141120_161355

The ad hoc nature of the project means you might need to protect your party wall until someone else comes along to build next door.20141120_161809

20141120_161904 20141120_161910 20141120_161919 20141120_162011 20141120_162053

 Map. It all happens here, in and around the circular bit  ↓

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