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Architectural technologists

These are the people who know the nuts and bolts of building. They may work for architects or they may be in a separate business, sometimes linked with a building company. If you go to them with a design you have carefully worked out they can usually knock it into shape ready for getting planning consent, Building Regulations approval etc. Don’t expect them to create a magnificent work of art, that’s not what they are trained for. Architects can do that – on a good day.

It’s best to get an estimate from them before you start and further estimates as you go along if you want to change your mind about something because making changes during the course of the work can be expensive.

1 comment to Architectural technologists

  • Martin

    I think it is important here to explain the difference between an Architectural Technician and an Architectural Technologist.

    A Technician cannot practice alone. They are generally as you describe, someone who knows the basics of construction and can produce drawings.

    A Technologist is a chartered professional, able to carry out all the duties of an Architect. The main difference between a Technologist and an Architect is that a Technologist will have more knowledge of construction technology and regulations. Architects will approach the design in a more holistic way. Architects have more academic experience, whereas Technologists will have more experience.

    Simply put Architects are the artists while Architectural Technologists are the scientists. In reality however both are able to perform each others duties.



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