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The Tree House

The Tree House in Clapham, London is a recently completed and very elegant example of a self build detached house. It has, on occasion, been open to the public as part of the London Open House programme. Situated on a small urban plot of land dominated by a large sycamore tree it has taken its theme partly from the tree. It has a quite complex timber frame reaching three storeys and very considerable effort has been put into the choice of building materials and its energy use.

After its first year of use it has come out carbon neutral mainly because of its massive insulation, air tightness, its rooftop solar collection (both PV and solar panels for hot water) and its ground source heat pump which utilizes four 25 m. deep bore holes.

The builder of the house, Will Anderson has published an excellent book, ‘Diary of an Eco-Builder‘, which goes into the detail of the whole of their building process and the thinking behind it. Well worth getting.

Architect – Constructive Individuals

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2 comments to The Tree House

  • agnès duval

    I’d love to have one of these eco houses in France, is it possible??
    Any planner on the continent?

  • Elspeth Reid

    Beautiful house. Are you now in business helping other people build tree houses? I’d love to do similar.

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