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McKay house, Stonehaven

October 2009

This low energy, self build house is set on a hill overlooking the sea near Stonehaven. Its clean and simple lines echo the vernacular of the area although it is essentially a very modern building based on passive solar construction. The walls are double skin aerated concrete block with 300mm of insulation, achieving a U value of 0.1W/m²k. This gives high thermal mass which helps prevent overheating in the summer as well as retaining spare solar heat in winter. The central area which is mainly open plan and two storey is largely glazed to the south. The glazing is tripple and the Velux roof lights have integrated solar collectors within their grid. The effect is of the solar collectors being part of the design rather than stuck on afterwards – which is usually the case. There is a heat recovery ventilation system.

More details on the site of the Robert Gordon University

architect – Gokay Deveci.

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