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Earth Heart is a community of 22 people in 8 homes based on a large converted farm in Derbyshire set up in 1998 around home education. Although not initially concerned with eco selfbuild, they have embraced the concept thoroughly during their upgrading of an old farm house and several outbuildings into dwellings.

There has been a focus on high levels of insulation and use of natural materials. They have a state-of-the-art wood chip boiler heating system, a bore hole as a water supply (though initially with problems) and a reed bed water treatment system. They grow much of their own food.

They have focused especially on a very robust approach to decision making which has worked well during the various phases of the building work.

Though not open to the public they have occasional weekends when you can tent there, meet the people and learn about the community. See more on the Diggers and Dreamers web site

6 comments to Earth Heart

  • Mrs Sonia Korichi

    Hi when is your next weekend when we could visit?Do you take any volunteers?

  • Andy

    Hi I’m curious to know if you are willing to take on a general helper? I’m willing to work just for food and water while staying in my tent if you have the space? I’m a very hard worker and a real outdoorsman looking to find a more rewarding lifestyle which I really think I could find with you. I’m 24, fairly strong and I enjoy getting my hands dirty so if I’m the kind of person you might need around the place please let me know!

  • Helen Dziemidko

    Hi I emailed you re your community, and renting, possibly buying your unit for sale.
    I have not heard back. I was wondering if you got the emails. Could you let me know?
    I am keen to join a co-housing style community and yours particularly caught my attention.
    Many thanks

  • Anne Mills

    There’s an opportunity to rent a 2-roomed annexe, or a single bedroom, or both, with shared kitchen/bathroom facilities (and shared sitting-room if desired) in one of the homes at Earth Heart Housing Co-operative. Peaceful rural surroundings, river, woodland, parkland, well-established community, organic allotments, gardens. Also negotiable share of private field and/or share of ponies! Pets negotiable (already 1 cat and 5 ferrets!). We look forward to sharing our home and lives with the right people. May suit people considering a future purchase of a unit here, or wanting to try out co-housing or home-sharing.
    Contact Anne Mills: itsgorgeousanne |at symbol here|

  • Katka

    I was also wandering if you had any vacancies.I have two young children aged 2 and 3 and practice attachment parenting. I have various skills that I could share with everyone, including foraging wild mushrooms and plants for food and medicine, croshet,
    playing music for fun and for healing emotional difficulties, wild arts and crafts, and sekhem healing. Please let me know if you are interested or if you know any other communities that might be. thank you Katka

  • Jane

    I would be grateful if you could tell me about any available vacancies as I am thinking about co-housing. Thanks Jane

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