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Bandodle house

October 2009

On the Hill of Bandodle, Aberdeenshire, stands a beautiful selfbuild timber frame house designed by architect Genevieve Jones for her family. Incorporating high levels of insulation (in the form of 350mm of shoddy obtained from Elgin woolen mill) and mainly locally sourced materials, Larch, Douglas fir and Caithness slate, the house also has a south facing sun space which helps with passive solar heating and creates a pleasant addition to the living/dining area.

Heating is also supplied by a kakkelovn. This was made from a system of precast concrete rings which were then clad in ceramic tiles in the traditional manner. The artist for the tiles was Emma Pattullo of Platform 22

The house was designed so that at the end of its life it can all be taken apart for reuse. (see Life cycle Assessment) This is helped by the fact that the frame is all tusk tenon and considerable effort was made to place services in accessible ducts.

A 3 kW wind turbine is presently being installed nearby. The surrounding land they own is being managed sustainably.

the solar area to the south elevation

the north elevation

More information on the house.

4 comments to Bandodle house

  • David and Alison Morley

    We are really interested in the way your house has been built, and would love to know more about it. We are looking to build a family home ourselves and have started getting together some ideas. Do you have any more information we could read or pictures? Can we talk to you about it?


  • Wendy Seabrook - Learning from Nature

    What a great example of a house that ticks all the environmental boxes even down to reusing the components at the end of its life. Ecological thinking at its best!

  • jones

    Hi Jane,
    where do you live?
    I was the architect for this

    Would be happy to help.

  • Jane Clement

    I am looking for advice on self build of this type of home and would be grateful for any pointers as this is my first time
    Thank you

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