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Eco house examples

This section (the pictures in the carousel at the top you can scroll and click on) covers a selection of domestic scale eco buildings in the UK. They are mainly new selfbuild but increasingly renovation of older houses is featuring as standards such as EnerPHit are being applied to existing buildings as well as new ones. If you are on a mobile or tablet then these are the examples:

There is nothing quite like having a peep to see what other people have done with their self build project. Those who have nearly completed or just completed their own house may be willing to let you look round. They may even have an open day.

However, sometimes it can be quite difficult to get at the facts. Given that you may only have a short time during a visit, it pays to work out what are the really relevant questions to investigate. It is only too easy to stand in a nicely finished house feeling very impressed by it all and forget to ask the sharp questions.

If there is any information available that you can get hold of before a visit then go through it with a check list (such as you can derive from this web site) and see what is worth asking about.

It is surprising how often self builders will be over optimistic about their achievements and this only begins to show up a couple of years after they have moved in when energy use is a bit higher than they forecast and snags have started to show up with building materials and techniques. Very few projects publish the “warts n’ all” which is a shame because that is often where most is to be learnt.


Fulford Passivhaus+

If you can get on a properly guided trip around a building then it may have the advantage of printed information being available and other people on the trip may come up with interesting questions you may not have thought of. An excellent example of this is the Hockerton Housing project where they take small groups round for about £10. There is a slide show, printed information, a tour round and chat over tea with people who live there. They also do more advanced educational projects.

Open House events

See the page on Exhibitions, seminars, conferences & visits.

There are various towns and organisations which run events based on the ‘Open House’ format in London where you can look around buildings as part of a tour.

London Open House.

Cumbria Green Build Festival.

Brighton and Hove open house.

The Passivhaus Trust arrange visits. See Passivhaus Trust

Houses at the Findhorn Foundation

Houses at the Findhorn Foundation

Please note that eco building standards are improving rapidly at the moment. Many of the examples shown will be a few years old and although excellent in their time may now be getting a bit out of date. Particularly in the case of fan testing, it will have been carried out on only a few of them as it has only recently been included in the building regulations so many of the examples may be very well insulated but not particularly air tight.

Not all the examples in this section are self build but they all have aspects which may be interesting to the green self builder.

Maybe you want to live in some sort of social grouping which is not catered for in normal housing developments. This might be to do with a whole number of things such as –

Some of these types of groups have open days and the Diggers and Dreamers web site has useful information

Other examples

The Cropthorne house

Ecohome renovation, West Bridgford

The Toronto Healthy House

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  • Stephen lloyd

    I am interested in a community self build scheme in the teeside cleveland area if you can help.

  • Alhagi Sonko

    please, I’m am architectural technology student at Huddersfield university working on a project in eco-houses. please can help me with photos of two eco-houses in the uk its location in the country, date of completion, description of materials and construction method etc.
    I’m looking forward to your reply


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