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Ziegel blocks

a Ziegel block

Ziegel hollow core clay blocks are commonly used in many EU countries and are beginning to make inroads here. While the sq.m. cost of the materials is similar to conventional walling in the UK there are several major advantages:

  • The speed of building is greatly increased
  • There is very little water involved (about 5% compared with traditional brickwork) so drying out times are drastically cut
  • The insulation values are much better (although for really good insulation values such as with the Passivhaus standard they will require extra insulation adding either internally or externally

They can be used either as a single skin or with cavity wall.

Bouyer Leroux are a French firm doing this type of block through Lime Firms. In the UK the company NBT (Natural Building Technologies) use Thermoplan Ziegel blocks

Here are a couple of videos showing how these blocks are used with very narrow mortar beds.

Building regulations


The Building Regulations part A covers the structure of a building. This Approved Document goes into a lot of detail for traditional masonry buildings but almost none for timber frame, steel frame, earth building SIPs etc. For these you will need to consult a structural engineer (while SIPs structures are usually handled by the manufacturer)

Fire safety

With most forms of construction there will be implications concerning fire safety. These are covered in the Building Regulations and you can see examples of how to conform with these in Part B (Fire Safety)

Site preparation and resistance to contaminants

This section,  Part C, covers site remediation along with protection from nasties which might affect the construction and occupants such as damp, rain, radon etc. There is an abridged version of the Approved Document specially for houses.


4 comments to Ziegel blocks

  • marc

    Don’t use if you are in thr UK or Ireland our weather is simply to bad and water will get trough as there is no cavity.I built mine in 2005 and house has to be redone in external insulation

  • Peter Quintanilla

    I have used your products in the UK in my past project. Now I am working in South California and would love to see if you have a contact here in the US that I can reach. THanks


  • Martin Lawton

    Looking for an idea of material supply cost circ 280m2 to Warrington in Cheshire.

  • james hall

    I will be on my third self build soon and like the look of your product.
    I will be building a 3 bed bungalow with hipped roof on a base of 200 square meters , could you give me approx. price of blocks mortar and gun.
    yours faithfully

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