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Solid timber

Brettstapel construction

Solid timber construction or Brettstapel is a method of using massive solid timber, (usually) held together with hardwood pegs. Pioneered on the continent, it has a number of enthusiasts in Scotland. See also the Brettstapel web site.

Log construction

Solid log construction has been a traditional method in parts of northern Europe, especially Norway. Partly due to the UK’s poor timber culture there are not many examples of large modern houses using the method although there are plenty of chalets, cabins, saunas and outbuildings.

See for instance Allan’s log house.

Although it has never had a large following in the UK, there are several companies specialising in the method.

There are some good on-line resources such as (a New Zealand web site)

Building regulations

reasons to build ecologicallyStructure

The Building Regulations part A covers the structure of a building. This Approved Document goes into a lot of detail for traditional masonry buildings but almost none for timber frame, steel frame, earth building SIPs etc. For these you will need to consult a structural engineer (while SIPs structures are usually handled by the manufacturer)

Fire safety

With most forms of construction there will be implications concerning fire safety. These are covered in the Building Regulations and you can see examples of how to conform with these in Part B (Fire Safety)

Site preparation and resistance to contaminants

This section,  Part C, covers site remediation along with protection from nasties which might affect the construction and occupants such as damp, rain, radon etc.

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