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Make a contract!

Optimist? – Pessimist? – try Realist!

We all have our dreams of the perfectly built house. This is called optimism

We have all heard of nightmare scenarios involving builders. This might lead to pessimism and negative attitudes

Realism suggests we hope for the best and plan to avoid the worst. Hey presto – Make a contract!

see our page on building contracts

With anything but the smallest of jobs it pays to have a contract with any builders, contractors or sub-contractors you may employ.

Even with very small jobs it pays to at least get things down on paper or in emails, especially changes as the job goes along. It’s amazing how selective people’s memories can become when money is involved.

Finding building contractors

Of course one of the best ways to find building contractors is to ask other people about whom they would recommend, preferably locally. If this fails or you need a specialist subcontractor then the FMB web site keeps lists of contractors.

Competent persons

With certain types of work such as electrical and plumbing installation work, windows, doors and the installation of certain fixed building services (heating, hot water, air-conditioning, mechanical ventilation) there are competent person schemes which allow contractors to self certify for Building Regulations approval. This may save money because the BCB will not charge for inspecting that item of work.

Trustmark scheme

The government’s Trustmark Scheme has been developed to help the general public avoid cowboy traders.

In Scotland the Select scheme may be of help

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