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demolition is not without its risks

Building Control

Demolition of existing buildings is covered on the Planning Portal web site. Also if there is a tenant in the building then check out Initial demolition notices

Basically the local authority Building Control require 6 weeks written notice (except for certain exempt buildings). They may then issue a counter notice with certain conditions attached. These are most likely to do with protecting neighbouring properties and the public. You may be able to download a copy of the notice from the council web site. It will usually require a 1:1250 drawing showing the location plan, buildings to be demolished, adjacent properties and existing drainage which will require sealing off.

Demolition work must comply with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations including a health and safety plan produced by the principal contractor.

You will also need to be able to show that a Type 3 Asbestos survey has been carried out.

A copy of the notice must then be sent to neighbours and service providers such as gas and electricity.

There are some exceptions to the above including –

  • minor demolition work where the volume of the structure is under fifty cubic metres
  • internal parts of an occupied building
  • agricultural buildings that are not attached to a controlled building

Planning consent

Although demolition may not require planning consent there may be issues if it is within a conservation area or other special type of planning area so a check should be carried out with the local authority planning department. Note that the demolition of a building will not normally, in itself, change the planning status of any particular piece of land.

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